About Bombardiere Plumbing & Heating LLC in Clarksburg, WV

We Are Still
Flowing Throughout Clarksburg, WV, and Beyond

Learn about Bombardiere Plumbing & Heating LLC in Clarksburg, WV. Bombardiere Plumbing & Heating LLC has been serving five counties in the North Central West Virginia area since 1977. Our business has provided plumbing and commercial plumbing services, drain cleaning, toilet repair and water heater services. Contact us online today or by phone at (304) 622-9446.

The Bombardiere
Family Business Opened in 1977

Second-generation owner Chad Bombardiere learned the heating and plumbing business from his father. His dad started working as a plumber in 1955. The Bombardiere family boasts a long tradition in plumbing and heating. This long tradition come with experience, professionalism, and know-how. We always pass on to you, our valued customer!

Consider Bombardiere
Plumbing & Heating LLC Your family!

Family always sticks together and helps one another. That is exactly the kind of help you will always receive from Bombardiere Plumbing & Heating LLC! We will effectively take care of all of your plumbing and heating concerns for your home or your business. All of your worries will be over when Bombardiere Plumbing & Heating LLC handles your issues!

Proudly Providing Care,
Concern and Quality Work!

We will handle new installation for you, attend to your hot and steam heat concerns and provide backflow prevention and testing. Drain cleaning, toilet repair and water heater maintenance? Handled. We will masterfully deal with all of your repairs and appliance hook-ups, provide you with quality gas-line fusion. Our contractors will use our sewer camera to locate problems in your pipes.

Our sewer locator services to protect your lines! Air-conditioning and refrigeration concerns? Just chill! We’ll handle every issue for your home or business — with care, concern and quality work! Fully licensed and insured, Bombardiere Plumbing & Heating LLC also is a member of the national Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association. Bombardiere Plumbing & Heating LLC accepts all major credit cards.

Call us today to learn more about Bombardiere Plumbing & Heating LLC in Clarksburg, WV.